Evolution of a Pokemon Collection 2013--to now, 2018


Hey y'all! I've been a major fan of Pokémon since 1998(I was 14 then), and if you have a little
time I want to show you the renewed beginnings of my Pokémon Collection where they have evolved
to since then. :) When the 3DS originally came out and they announced Pokémon XY...it was the
first time in awhile I liked ALL the starters...it truly felt like a new beginning for Pokémon.

Now, before ole' Snivy wakes up, let's go ahead and show you my collection from then and now...

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Permanent Sales Post-Updated 1/28/2015

This is my permanent sales post

-Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on November 6th, 2014.

-You can see my feedback here:

-Shipping is free to anywhere in the world. So the price I post will be what you pay. I will ship next day (or two if it's a Saturday as the post office is closed on Sundays here in the US!)

-I ship from Farmington, New Hampshire within the United States.

-I only accept Paypal. Payment is expected within 3 days time or what we agree upon once you commit to the item.

-I am accepting trades. See my wants list!

-I live in a smoke free environment.

I LOVE the Muskedeers but I need to sell my Unova stuff to make room for good ole Lucario. All of these are near mint (Cobalion has a small hole on the left side where it looks like stuffing is coming out but it's fine as I've checked it out...if you want a better photo let me know).
Takara Tomy Cobalion-$40

My wants list:(No le cut)

-Fennekin Head Pillow
-1:1 Snivy plush Japanese version with or without tag!

There will be more on the way. I just have to get my camera phone out and charged up. Happy shopping!

Keldeos, Suicunes, Fennekins!XD Collection updates!

Hello Pokemon Collectors! I'm back with an updated collection and some potential new adds to the collection so let's go!


Before the cut, here's the three new starters! I managed to snag them with a "borrowed" Snag machine from Pokemon Colosseum and...yeah, I got lucky and bought em' at a Toys R Us an hour and a half away from me. It was worth it though.^_^ Didn't find Piplup though...

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First up is my mini Keldeo shrine! I have the Ibichan Kuji Keldeo, custom Keldeo plush, both Pokemon Center plushes, movie and movie artbook, and some figures! And yes, the movie is a faker...I DID buy the actual movie, I just like the shiny cover!


Keldeo close up! See how serious and badass he is! A great custom!


My Eevee collection! I have all the evolutions standing except for Sylveon. :) I like her sitting anyway.


And but not least...my collection! The Johto Trio, Mewtwo, giant Custom Sawsbuck, Charizard, the Muskedeers, Lapras, Pikachu...Pokemon Crystal! I'm making room for Xerneas and Fennekin. Speaking of Crystal...


bladespark sent me a preview of my finished 24 inch Suicune plush! Once I'm done paying for it and I get it in the mail, I'll show you guys more! :) I can't wait!

Show off your favorite plushies!


I really adore the Muskedeers (I'm missing Terrakion ATM)...they're the most down to earth legendaries and that's what I admire about them. Keldeo admires them so much he wants to "BECOME A SWORD OF JUSTICE! *insert annoying voice here*"...but I actually like Keldeo...he's my fave legendary after Suicune. The Tomy Keldeo is so soft.XD I absolutely love em'. I just wish they made a bigger version of em'.